3 Months Old Baby Dies in Day Nursery In The Region of Curepipe

A baby girl of 3 months old died in a day nursery situated near Curepipe on Monday 10th of November. It seems that she was asphyxiated.

baby died

While day nurseries are meant to ease the lives of working parents, it is always hard to leave one’s children behind, in the arms of strangers to be looked after for the whole day, hoping that they will be safe, and, when it is found that they are not, all hell breaks loose…

The parents of the child had left her at the nursery yesterday morning at around 7h50. The baby had had a cold, and had already been consulted by a doctor. During the day, shortly after noon, when an employee of the nursery went to feed her, it was found out that she was lying lifeless. The child was then immediately transported to the Fortis Darné clinic at Floréal by a member of the personnel of the nursery.

The baby was examined by a doctor at the clinic, who informed of her death.

The case was then related to the police.

The corpse was then taken to Victoria hospital at Candos. Dr Sudesh Kumar Gungadin performed an autopsy and found out that the baby had died of asphyxiation after contents of her stomach regurgitated and were ultimately swallowed again.

A police investigation has been opened to shed light on the exact circumstances that led to the sad event. Several employees of the nursery have already been interrogated.

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