7-Year-Old Girl, Sexual Assaulted, Died Of Epileptic Fit

A young girl of 7 years of age allegedly having been the victim of sexual aggression has died in the emergency unit of Victoria hospital at Candos after having spent a week at the hospital. It seems that prior to her hospitalisation, she was sexually assaulted by her grandfather.
The child comes from a village in the south of Mauritius. On the 9th of November, she had suffered from an epileptic fit. She was then immediately transported to Jawaharlal Nehru hospital at Rose-Belle, and was later transferred to Victoria hospital. Her health condition was deemed to be serious from the beginning itself.

After having examined her, the doctor had informed her mother that she had been sexually attacked. This soon turned into a police case. The police force of Bel-Ombre was alerted of the issue. The officers of the Child Development Unit were informed of the situation. The girl had also related to her father about what had happened. Accordingly to what she said, everything began back in 2012, when her grandfather who is well past the age of 60 years old would perpetrate the sexual crimes on the poor girl.

As a consequence, the grandfather was arrested on the 12th of November. When he was interrogated, he denied the allegations levelled against him. In his defence, he stated that he had bought snacks for the child, and he related that he had only tried to remove the stains of the snacks from her garments.

The mother of the child affirmed that some days before the girl succumbed to the nervous breakdown, she had observed red marks on her private parts. When she asked her daughter about the origin of the marks, the latter had dismissed the question.

The autopsy performed by Dr Sudesh Kumar Gungagin revealed that she died from an epileptic fit.

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