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Accident at Pointe au Sable: Collision Between 2 Buses

Breaking news: Two Triolet Bus Service buses have collided at Pointe aux Sable today morning, at around 7h30. According to the first reports, 6 passengers have been transported to the nearest hospital while one of the drivers is still stuck in one of the damaged buses. The authorities are still trying to get the driver out safely.

We’ll add more updates soon.

tbs mauritius

Afternoon Updates

8 persons, including the drivers and bus conductors, had been transported to Jeetoo hospital, at Port-Louis.

The health conditions of the wounded people were said to be stable.

An investigation is ongoing as to the cause of the accident, with the purpose of shedding light onto the circumstances that led to the collision. The police force of La-Tour-Koenig are looking into the matter.

The road accident triggered the exasperation of the inhabitants living in the region. They claimed that situations like these are common in that area. They have also seized the opportunity to condemn the authorities, arguing that the latter have not taken the necessary actions to avert such unpleasant incidents.

Update: 20th of November

The two buses were both issued from the bus company Triolet Bus Service; one of them was being driven in the direction of Port-Louis, while the other was proceeding in the opposite direction. The two collided on the Royal Road at Terrasson, resulting in five people hospitalised, with two of them in the intensive care unit.

The two drivers, Soudeshi B., and Bhusheen R., together with the two bus conductors, Agnes L., and Sunilduth R., as well as a passenger, Sabina V., an inhabitant of Pointe-aux-Sables had had to be taken to the hospital because of their injuries, the latter two having been in intensive care units. Fortunately, their health conditions have stabilised.

Meanwhile, the police of La Tour Koënig is carrying out an investigation to determine the cause of the terrible accident.

Information obtained so far indicates that the driver of the bus driving towards Pointe-aux-Sables had applied the brakes few centimeters before hitting the white road line.

One of the victims, Agnes L., who was the conductor of the bus going in the direction of Pointe-aux-Sables, related that there were only 3 passengers in the vehicle at the time of accident. She herself was seated. The bus thereafter skidded to the opposite lane while it was taking a turn. The driver of the other bus, Soudeshi, stated that he was unable to avoid being hit by the incoming vehicle because of the sudden appearance of the latter onto the opposite lane, and the two collided. Agnes narrated that all this happened in a fraction of a second. The impact was so strong that she was projected forward in the bus. The passenger Sabina was also wounded as she was on a seat just behind the driver.

The second conductor, Sunilduth, had it worse. He was projected out of the vehicle through the windscreen onto the road.

The two drivers had remained stuck in their seats, unable to detach themselves. It was only with the help of firemen that they managed to get out. They were both subjected to alco-tests, the results of which proved to be negative.

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  • Hopefully no one is bad injuried, this was only a matter of time, before it did happen.These busdrivers is driving like maniacs, sorry to say.Seems like they totaly forget, that they are responsible for a lot of peoples lifes.Time for the Police to act against this “crazy” driving.Company should do a lot more, to educate their drivers better.

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