Airport of Mauritius: Rs 110000 Worth Wedding Dress Disappears

A tourist from Switzerland travelled to Mauritius back in September to get married in a paradise-island setting. However, she had had to postpone the ceremony because her luggage which contained her wedding dress went missing. It still is, now, months later.

Mauritius is highly regarded as the ideal place for weddings by many a tourist. Several of them travel to the island with their families for the purpose of getting married under the Mauritian sunshine every year. Such was the case of Christiane Poffet, young woman from Switzerland who had planned to have her wedding ceremony with her Mauritian fiance, an inhabitant of Pointe-aux-Sables. However, an extremely unpleasant incident was to happen before the big day. Her luggage which included her Rs 110 000 wedding dress and Swiss chocolates was stolen at the airport.

The Criminal Investigation Division of the airport is currently looking into the matter.

Christiane Poffet, the daughter of a politician, works as medical secretary. She was looking forward for dream holidays on the island after celebrating her wedding. She arrived in Mauritius on the 12th of September. After an hour and a half of waiting, she still had not found her luggage. At the beginning, she thought it was probably a mistake that would soon be rectified. She was notified that she would be able to have her luggage on the next day.

When she did return to the airport on the 13th of September, her luggage was still missing. She then contacted the authorities to finally learn that a Mauritian returning from the UK had taken her luggage. The news was related by an employee of British Airways who had filed a complaint that a luggage was missing. The person who took her luggage had later fetched his own luggage five days later. It is, however, puzzling that he was not asked to return the luggage of the woman when he came to fetch his own.

Since September, the Mauritian police has been unable to find the luggage.

Christiane Poffet now has the intention of relating the happening to the Swiss press. She is expected to return to her country in December. She has had to spend much money buying clothing. Furthermore, she was compelled to postpone her wedding. Her very first visit to Mauritius turned out to be a total disaster.

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