Canada: New Rules for Recruiting Foreign Workers Including Mauritians

Canadian rules and regulations for foreign workers have been reviewed by the authorities. The new laws might, or might not, impact on Mauritians aspiring to work abroad.

Canada is known for mass-recruitment of Mauritians in a wide range of sectors. However, this might change soon with the new laws governing immigration to the country: the rules and regulations for foreign employees have been made to be more strict. Does this imply that Mauritians will no longer be able to be recruited for jobs in Canada?

Canadian ministries of employment and immigration have brought about a global reform programme for temporary foreign employees. These changes are expected to impact upon those countries for which Canada had previously shown interest in the workforce, including Mauritius. For instance, the Canadian government will possibly reduce the number of temporary foreign workers by 50 %.

However, the Mauritian minister of employment, Shakeel Mohamed, remains positive. According to him, the newly-established measures will not deter the Canadian firms from recruiting Mauritians, since our country has made itself a spotless image. He is of the opinion that Canadian companies will continue sending job offers to our island.

Among the new measures is one stipulating that every employer must pay $ 1000 for the recruitment of foreign employees. The fee was previously set at $ 275. Furthermore, the recruiting companies will have to justify as to why they prefer employing foreigners instead of the local Canadians. The firm owners will henceforth not be allowed to recruit more than 10 % of foreigners. Moreover, the validity of the work contract will be reduced from two years to a year only.

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