China Builds Massive Island for Air-base

Recently released satellite images of the Fiery Cross Reef show a large man-made island that was constructed by China. Officials speculate that the enclave is of a substantial size, large enough to house and sustain a military air-base.

china island base

This discovery arouses numerous suspicions among the world’s leaders as to what China’s actual intent of the massive structure. The large group of islands that surround the man-made island is in an area that is highly disputed by the nations of Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan and the Philippines in regard to its ownership.

Current reports and images show that the land mass created on the surface of the South China Sea spans a distances of 3,000 meters (1.9 miles) in length and  220+ meters (660 feet) in width. The island in question is only the most recent project China has undergone in the area with in the last year and a half. It is also reported that the site has the capabilities to receive cargo shipments of fuel and other resources that would be needed to operate a fully functioning air base.

In 2014 the area was reclaimed by the Peoples Republic of China, stating that the nation needed to develop an air facility in the region to be able to compete with surrounding countries who have similar interests and  facilities on the reef.

Tensions have risen between Beijing and Washington, after the U.S had requested a halt on the operation until enough data could be collected to determine the actual intentions of the island facility. China replied by stating that the issue involving their construction in the highly disputed section of the sea was not a concern of any other nations, due to the fact it belongs to the CPR and may manipulated and altered in any manner that see fit.

After the construction is completed China will be fully capable to launch any type of military assault on surrounding islands that are currently being claimed by neighboring Asian nations. It is speculated that the reason the structure on the reclaimed land was built will be used to “Strong arm” or intimidate the fellow owners of the disputed territory into relinquishing their land rights and titles.


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