Cyclone Adjali: Mauritius Expecting Torrential Rains This Week-End

Adjali might thus become our first cyclone near Mauritius for this summer 2014. Torrential rains are expected this weekend in Mauritius.


A few weeks back, the heat rising from the fading cold atmosphere heralded the arrival of summer – the season of sea, sand and sunshine. However, with summer come tropical depressions. This week-end might bear the brunt of the tropical storm Adjali; if you have outdoor plans, you might very well be drenched in torrential rains, as forecast by the meteorological station of Vacoas today 17th of November.

On Sunday 16th of November, the depression Adjali was beginning to intensify into a tropical storm. Today, 17th of November, at around ten in the morning, it has turned into a strong tropical storm. It might intensify into a tropical cyclone in the coming 24 hours which might lead to heavy rains by the week-end (22nd and 23rd of November).

Meanwhile, Adjali is moving towards the south-east at a speed of around 5 km/h. It might pass in the region lying between Mauritius and St-Brandon in the coming days.

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