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Daredevil Nic Wallenda Defies Death Above the Chicago Sky Line

Defying death above the Chicago Sky line, Nic Wallenda, 35-year-old daredevil made two skyscraper crossings on high wires without a safety net or harness!! A man on a rope in any circumstance, either suspended from its end or walking with cat like grace is truly a man who is in the hands of danger itself.

nic wallenda

Photo courtesy of AP

Every day humanity walks on their own tight rope, suspended over the unfathomable depths that is their own mind. We slowly inch our way across the gap, conjoined by a rope that is merely a figment of our own imaginations, we step one foot at a time, from sun rise to sunset.

Some men and women in the world are of a different bizarre breed and have strange desires to climb higher and to see farther than any other mortal being and to attain a demi-god like stature in the presence of their fellow mortals.

One man in particular is the U.S native Nic Wallenda, 35. This American daredevil and performer of acrobatic stunts, regularly exhibits actions that defy any average man’s own sense of logic and reason. Time and time again he has suspended himself to dizzying heights and crossed enormous expanses, with no means of safety or self preservation. This seventh generation member of the flying Wellandas family has set, broke, and maintained a titanic list of world records in the fields of acrobatic stunts for several decades.


Photo courtesy of AP

Wallenda walked his first tight rope at the age of two and made his professional debut in the art form by 13. His adventures are considered madness by some and fantastic acts of beauty by others. He has crossed two of the great wonders of the natural world and recently performed a two part jaw dropping act in the U.S city of Chicago Illinois.

Spectators lined the streets and struggled to glimpse up at the man,who was about to cross the intimidating gap. There he stood looking out at the roughly 138 meter rope (454 feet), stretched across the Marina City west tower and the Leo Burnett Building. Although the rope crossed the open autumn air, it led to two different destinations; life and death.

He then stepped out 179 meters (588 feet) above the earth on a strand of wire that measured a meager 19 millimeters (3/4 of an inch) in diameter. The rope rose at an abrupt angle of 19 degrees, making the opposite end of the rope 204 meters (671 feet) from the ground. Wandella held a long metallic pole to keep his balance and took one step at a time; he arrived at the opposite end of the high wire within six minutes.

Down below the onlookers exploded into a roar of exuberant glee. Wallenda then ordered complete silence and placed a blind fold across his eyes; to set the stage for the second part of the record breaking stunt.

The complacent mob of spectators omitted nothing but silence as the elite performer once again took his own life into his hands and traversed the second rope. Time slowed, and hearts raced while silence enveloped the city. One foot at a time, Wallenda confidently performed his second stunt of crossing a second rope 28 meters (92 feet) above the ground.

The Discovery channel provided live coverage of the event on a ten second delay, to shield the spectators of any possible carnage that may ensue. It was not needed.

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  • Great article Matt, well written, I like the metaphors and such about walking life’s tight rope. It makes you think about how we live our lives and others live theirs, and wonder if we are pushing it to the limit or just passing the time. Keep it up Matt, good stuff.

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