Disappearance of Martin Allen Could Be Linked With A High Profile Pedophile Ring

Martin Allen was a 15-year-old boy who went missing in 1979, new evidence could link his disappearance to a child prostitution ring  that catered to members of British Parliament.

martin Allen

Martin Allen was the son of a chauffeur for the Australian High Commissioners office when he disappeared from a london subway in 1979. The case has remained unsolved for over 30 years and is considered closed. In November, new evidence was discovered after several probes into separate investigations dealing with the abduction, sexual abuse, violence and the murder of children had intersected the closed case of Martin Allen.

Recently, the family of the missing boy, who would be fifty years old today, had been contacted by detectives who suspect that their son may be linked to a child prostitution ring that involved high-ranking British establishment figures and could have possibly been abused at the infamous south London brothel known as the Elm Guest House.

The Elm Guest House was a brothel that catered to the various needs of elite members of not only British society, but the worlds. It is reported that the house would let members of British Parliament, foreign dignitaries and pop stars engage in vile, deviant sex acts with children. The house was most often frequented in the 1970s through the 1980s, until a series of sex scandals drew attention to this house of ill-repute in south London; currently the house is privately owned by residents who are in no way affiliated with its notorious past.

The new investigations began after a man known as Nick, who claimed to have been sexually abused numerous times at the Elm Guest House, had come forward and stated that on several occasions he had witnessed Members of Parliament engaging and watching the sexual abuse within the brothels walls.

The man claimed that as a child, his father placed him in the hands of a child prostitution ring that would transport him and other children to various apartments, homes and hotels where they would then be sexually abused. He further went on to explain that at one point in time, while at the Elm Guest House,  he witnessed the murder of three boys. He said that one of the boys had died due to a parliament member strangling him, another boy was killed while a government minister watched and the third boy was run over by a car, in an attempt to intimidate the other child prostitutes.

Several times over the last 30 years, Martin Allen’s case has been reopened only to be closed again. Court ordered mandates were issued that demanded files and evidence from the case to be retrieved, but in 2009 officials claimed that all the evidence pertaining to the matter was destroyed in a flood.

Members of the Allen family have been reported to say that not only have they lost faith in the investigation, but have also been threatened and told disengage from any further investigations into the case.

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  • Perhaps the cover ups are still going on. I gave information about this to the police recently, and heard nothing more about it.

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