Employees of Mauritius Sugar Industry Gathered For A Strike

The union member of the Joint Negotiating Panel (JNP), Ashok Subron, has indicated that the employees of the sugar industry are going on a long and massive strike. Today morning, 19th of November, hundreds of them had gathered together to execute their plan of action that has come as a consequence of the meeting with the authorities: the Mauritius Sugar Producers Association (MSPA) has refused to grant their request of the 30 % increase in their salaries.
Ashok S

Those participating in the strike seem to be determined to remain steadfast upon their decision. Ajit Bungloll, member of the GNL Workers Union, affirmed that they are going to see the plan through, now that the authorities have used up their last chance of peaceful negotiation.

The minister Shakeel Mohamed has suggested a 13 % increase to the JNP. The idea of an independent arbitrary party was also proposed. However, the union workers remained persistent over their demand of a 30 % increase. They had initially asked for 38 % or even 40 % more than they already have.

Ashok Subron is of the opinion that the owners of institutions of the sugar industry are extremely disrespectful towards their own employees, stating that the MSPA was not even ready for a 13 % increase.

However, it seems that the organisation might be ready for an 11 % increase. Even if the steps towards a strike have already been taken, the situation could still change.

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