Erosion Re-Moulding La Preneuse Beach

Erosion is reshaping our beaches like never before, to which several regions of the island bear witness. Recently, it has been brought to the attention of the public that the beach of La Preneuse has been severely degraded with its area diminished by few meters.

la preneuse

What is no more of La Preneuse

The beach of La Preneuse has been through some massive erosion. As a consequence, its area has been greatly diminished in two years’ time. Much of what used to be the beach is now underwater. It only becomes conspicuous at low tide. Otherwise, the grass and tree roots are submerged in the sea-water.

If you’re used to going to that beach, you would be surprised to find that the cannon that used to be part of the beach is now underwater.

A wall that used to be at a distance of 5 meters from the water recently crumbled because of the crashing waves.

As the water has gained more ground, the beach now reveals a one-meter difference in level between the sand and the grass.

While some blame the coastal developmental projects for the tragedy, the Ministry of Environment explained that climate change has thus moulded the beach, a conclusion drawn from the evaluation of Japanese experts whose assistance was sought to combat erosion.

Restoration works are to begin next year in order to preserve what is left of the beach.

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