Experimental Wheat Cultivation in Mauritius Successful

Mauritius now makes its own wheat; at least, on an experimental level. The plant was cultivated at Cluny last August. Yesterday, 26th of November, a ceremony was held for the third harvest of wheat in the island. Three varieties of wheat were harvested which will then be sent in laboratories of the University of Mauritius and France.


Mauritians consume 100 000 tonnes of flour. Wheat costs around 450 to 500 dollars per tonne. If we were to produce our own wheat, the costs would be greatly reduced. The concept of cultivating our own wheat budded off from the mind of minister Rajesh Jeetah. During the ceremony, the latter spoke of how Japan cultivates its own rice because its population consumes the food. Our island could be doing the same for its wheat needs.

The first stage of the project was launched back in 2012 by the Mauritius Research Council. Rose-Belle Sugar Estate and Vita Rice Ltd are two companies contributing for the development of the project.

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