FSU Gunman Identified as Former Student Myron May

Myron May has been identified as the gunman who opened fire and injured three people in the early morning hours of November 20 at the Florida State University’s Strozier library.

Myron May

On Novemember 20, shortly after midnight EST, the silence in Strozier library at the FSU campus was shattered by a cacophony of gunshots, when the former FSU student named Myron May, entered the building and began to open fire with a semi-automatic handgun. In the chaos he had hit three students, before a life or death standoff with local law enforcement. During the firefight approximately 3 dozen shots were fired from May’s weapon, he then attempted to make a retreat over security barriers and was shot dead by police officers.

On the surface Myron May appeared to have a normal and successful life. After he had graduated from Florida State University, he went on to attend and graduate from the law school of Texas Tech. Prior to the shooting May was licensed to practice law in the U.S states of New Mexico and Texas, and was currently employed as a consul for a children’s home in Florida.

At some point in time May, began to show signs of mental strain and a disconnection from reality. He began to write cryptic and bizarre Facebook posts, revolving around Bile versus, thought control, conspiracies and government agencies reading his mind. His final Facebook post was a Bible quote:

Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather be afraid of the One who can destroy both the soul and body in hell.“- Matthew 10:28.

It is reported that a month earlier a distraught May had unexpectedly visited his girlfriends home. The girlfriend stated to officials, that he was in an extremely paranoid and delusional condition. May claimed that the government was secretly watching him and had planted spying devices in both his home and car. He then produced a piece of his car and presented it to the girlfriend claiming that it was actually a camera used to visually track his movements.

At this point in time all three students from the FSU campus that were caught in Myron May’s line of fire are alive. Two are still hospitalized; one being in critical condition, the other in good condition and the third victim has already been released.

Currently there is no actual way to profile the spree killing phenomena known as ‘school shooter’, due to the fact that every occurrence is completely different from one another.

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