gov mu down Is Down In The World – Emails Being Wrongly Routed

The official website of the Government of Mauritius, is down in all countries of the world except for subscribers of ISP Mauritius Telecom. The problem is apparently being caused by wrong DNS configurations. If you try accessing the website right now, there’s a high probability that you will see the error message shown below. If you are a subscriber of MT ADSL or MyT, then you may be able to access the website, however we can confirm that many users of Bees, and Emtel are not able to access the website right now. We’ve asked a few contacts outside of Mauritius to check too, and the website is offline. (See update below)

gov mu down

According to Ish Sookun, the IT expert who revealed several vulnerabilities on the government portal, the official government website is offline due to wrong DNS configurations being handled by “another” private company. It’s important to mention that the DNS settings for are not managed by the government but are instead handled by the company who offered the domain registration service. According to Ish, even the mail server of is not working as it should.

The screenshot below (provided by Ish Sookun) shows that the MX record for has a value of – If you are going to send an email to any email address, you are advised to hold on.

gov mu email

Updates: Ajay Ramjatan, another IT expert has clarified a few points about the issue with – According to Mr Ramjatan, the emails to addresses are not being wrongly routed, but they are actually NOT BEING routed at all.

Ajay also provided some details about what’s actually happening. In his own words:

The availability of say depends on the proper operation of at least three things, which I’ll detail a little bit.

  1. Proper DNS operation of .mu itself. This part is managed by the .MU registry, commonly called This body has been put in charge by another larger Internet body, to manage the .MU country code.
  2. Proper DNS operation of This portion is handled by the government as has delegated them the ability to do so. This is where I say which website points to and where emails sent to [email protected] should go.
  3. The web service where points to and the email server accepting emails for

Based on cursory search I did early this morning, it seems that something is broken at 1 and 2. The most important breakage is happening at 2, which is why many of you can’t reach many websites ending in and can’t reach correspondents with a address. This is happening because of severe DNS misconfiguration issues with Basically what’s happening is, you’re typing an address and your browser does not know which server this address corresponds to.

As at now, November 3rd 2014 19:30, the problem has not yet been fixed. The official government website of Mauritius is dark on the internet!



  • When a domain is not renewed by the registrant, the domain gets deleted from the TLD.

    Rather that renewing the domain like every other registrant, NCB/MICT (under advice from ICTA) thinks they should get domains for free because they are the Government. They used the court to force local companies to abide to their desires.

  • has gone dark completely. there are no NS records for the domain under the nameservers of .MU itself. *nothing* under will work at the time being, unless your ISP has entries for * in their DNS server.

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