Mauritius Hospital: Doctor Threatened by Patient For Refusing A Fake Medical Certificate

Working in the public sector comes with a number of drawbacks, perhaps, the major one being, having to deal with people. The latter often complain of the service provided by civil employees, who also have their share of complaints against the behaviour of some members of the public. Recently, a doctor working in Jeetoo hospital had to bear the unpleasant response of a patient because she did not sign a medical certificate for him.

The patient in question wanted to be issued a medical certificate; the trouble was that his health condition was good, and there was no need, and no valid reason for one either. When the doctor told him thus, he could not contain himself and he hurled insults at her. After the incident, the doctor reported the case at the police station last week.

Why was the patient desperate to have a medical certificate in spite of him being healthy? It was later related that he had to present in court but, wanting to avoid that, he planned to show a medical certificate to justify his absence. However, being healthy with no sign of any sickness, the doctor could not infringe upon the rules and regulations. Upon hearing her stance, the patient became violent and had had to be controlled by members of the hospital personnel and policemen. Before he was made to leave the hospital, he professed threats to the doctor.

An officer from the ministry of health has thereafter reassured the public that measures have been taken to avoid such incidents in the future. Policemen and security officers have been appointed to guard the area which is also equipped with cameras. The vice-secretary of the Medical and Health Officers Association (MHOA) also commented on the issue, saying that the organisation will intervene and manage the current situation, promising the medical personnel of their support.

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