hydrogen car

Hydrogen Powered Cars Are The Next Step to Eliminating Fossil Fuel Dependance

Two of the top leading car manufactures have released models that rely solely on hydrogen; the environmentally safe and most abundant element.

hydrogen car

The automotive industry has been scrambling for the past several years to develop a safe and efficient alternative to fossil fuels.They have dreamed of an energy source geared toward eliminating the constantly fluctuating price of petroleum and offset the negative qualities of carbon emissions.

Both the Toyota and Honda corporations have already debuted models that are fueled by hydrogen and it is reported that BMW will engage in a joint effort with Toyota to produce a hydrogen cell car to compete with a design that is set to launch from Mercedes.

Toyota’s solo release has been named the Mirai meaning ‘future’ in Japanese; it is claimed to be able to be operated for approximately 480 kilometers or 300 miles before depleting its charge and will allegedly be able to be refueled by creating hydrogen from ordinary garbage. The Automobile is be able to be recharged in under 5 minutes and will only emit harmless water vapors into the environment.

Despite the colossal failure and tragedies that has stigmatized other hydrogen oriented modes of  transportation, such as the Hindenburg, these new hydrogen fueled cars are as safe, if not safer than cars operating on fossil fuels.

A commonly misconceived notion is that hydrogen is an extremely volatile energy source, but in truth, the hydrogen atom can only carry energy, much like how electricity carries energy to power your home. Once the atom is combined with oxygen and  detonated via any number of ignition charges, it creates a massive and powerful chemical reaction that can be harnessed to power a cars engine.

For decades researchers have been aware of the raw potential within the hydrogen atom, but have struggled with concepts on how to harness the fuel source in a functioning and safe receptacle. Two previous theories consisted of either placing hydrogen gas under an extremely high amount of pressure; leaving it  in an agitated and somewhat dangerous state or subjecting it to extremely cold temperatures; requiring a secondary energy source needed to heat the molecules prior to ignition. Within in the last several years developers have devised a way to create a metal-organic framework, to safely and efficiently store hydrogen.

Humanity’s dependence on fossil fuels has taken its toll on every aspect of our lives; not only on our bank accounts, but the atmosphere and the world around us. Perhaps these new lines of automobiles being provided from leading manufactures will enable us to break free from the binding chains of fossil fuels that ensnare us today.

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