India To Inject 200 Million USD in Mauritius Light Metro Project

Will the light metro project see the light of the day? Or not? From the current state of affairs, it seems that it might actually happen.

The Indian minister of foreign affairs had reassured the Mauritian authorities that India is ready to lend a sum of money amounting to around 200 million dollars to make the project happen. The Mauritian Prime Minister has confirmed that India sent a letter relating to the issue yesterday itself (18.11.14). The PM addressed the public during a ceremony organised for the commemoration of the arrival of the first indentured labourers to Mauritius and seized the opportunity to highlight that the recent news bears testimony to the trust India has in the light metro plan of action.

According to the PM, the light metro project will help generate a number of jobs in Mauritius. He has also added that a commercial center will be built at every stop.

Navin Ramgoolam also mentioned how Pravind Jugnauth had stood staunchly against the idea. The latter is said to have communicated to the Indian PM the request of not signing any agreement in relation to the light metro in Mauritius. Navin Ramgoolam affirmed that Pravind Jugnauth has shown great disrespect by doing so.

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  • All know the reliability of Indian Buses Ashok Leyland …now proudly replace by Chinese YUTONG …This US$200 million is a hidden type of bribery

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