Jacques Li Wan Po, The New Owner of Pizza Hut

Now that Pizza Hut has been taken over by a new owner, a number of changes are expected to happen in the coming months, including more joints to be opened across Mauritius.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut finally has its new owner: Jacques Li Wan Po, the CEO of the company bearing his very name, who also owns Food Canners. The deal was contracted yesterday, 11th of November. The acquisition of Pizza Hut was made at Rs 100 million.

Taking over Pizza Hut is part of the group’s program for diversification.

Jacques Li Wan Po will soon elaborate a Business Plan for Pizza Hut in order to plan for the short and long terms.

One of the first developments to be done will be the addition of new joints across the island. Additionally, new menus and items will be proposed to the customers – an endeavour that will be achieved by marketing strategies.

Also, Jacques Li Wan Po has reassured the 110 employees that they will not be sacked.

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