Killer Monkeys Swarm Residents in Northern India

At least one person is reported dead and one person left serious injured in northern India, due to a massive army of bloodthirsty monkeys running ravenous and wild.

Killer Monkeys Invade Town

Locals in the Himachal Pradesh province have been repeatedly attacked by hordes of ultra violent monkeys, hell-bent on a vicious blood lust and virtually unstoppable. The recent attacks have occurred in the wake of the new laws that have been passed making the vile creatures illegal to be captured and then sold to medical research facilities.

The monkeys have been recklessly engaging in reproduction; with no fear of overpopulating the local area. Scientists theorize that monkeys can only learn by visually following another monkeys behavior and then after closely observing that second monkey’s activity could that monkey who observed the act then attempt to imitate it, scientists refer to this learning process as “monkey see, monkey do”. Sadly, there is no conceivable way to teach a monkey about the dangers over population.

The area has been averaging around 400 monkey bites a month and recently one woman was killed and a second victim was left  seriously injured after an attack.

It has been reported that a woman, whose name has not yet been publicly released, was swarmed in her residence by a mob of blood thirsty monkeys and after a failed attempt to shoo the wretched beasts away, the monkeys then ambushed and mauled her to death.

Unfortunately, the same laws that prevent the monkeys from being captured and sold to medical research facilities also prevents local law enforcement from any attempts to contain and eliminate the monkey problems plaguing the streets.

The population explosion of the monkeys, due to their free love lifestyle, has become so horrendous that the local ecosystem can no longer support the savage animals; forcing them out of the wilderness and into the local communities. Once the mobs of monkeys acclimate to civilization they not only become territorial, but become accustom to scavenging from people.

Local conservationists believe that the public’s concerns and desires for lethal control of the monkeys is uncalled for and that the monkeys are not actually communing into urban areas, but rather, it is the urban areas that are stretching out into the wilderness. Although there may be some truth in the nature loving, local conservationists theories, it will not amend the problem of the vicious gangs of monkeys running wild in the north Indian towns.

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