Man Out Jogging Ends Up In A Ravine Near Balfour, Beau-Bassin

Going for a jog near Vieux-Point at Balfour can prove to be quite dangerous: a man fell into a ravine in the region and was only rescued some 8 hours later.


A man of 29 years old fell into a ravine near Vieux Point at Balfour, Beau-Bassin, on Tuesday at around six in the evening when he was out jogging.

Thank God for the invention of mobile phones. He was fortunately able to inform the police of Barkly about his situation. The latter immediately came to his rescue. However, he was only taken out of the ravine around eight hours later. The rescue operation proved to be more complicated than hoped for, requiring for the cooperation of officials from the intervention force of the Mauritian police, firemen, and helicopters.

He was spotted by the rescuers at around 23h00, but, he was still not rescued by that time.

The man made it to safety only at 2h00 a.m the next day. He came out with minor wounds, and was transported to Victoria Hospital at Candos, after which he returned home.

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