Mauritian Doctors Working in Private Clinics Paid Rs 15000 Per Month

Young doctors in Mauritius have had to face a series of troubles for the last few years. In the past, they have complained of being ill-treated by experienced ones during their internships. They have also had difficulties in being recruited because of the lack of job opportunities. Now, some working in private clinics claim that they are being offered meager salaries.

Aspiring to be doctors and working to attain the goal are considered to be noble endeavours. Parents worldwide also often push their offspring to go for a medical career, mostly for the sake of the remuneration. As a consequence, many Mauritian students have embarked on medical studies. However, after years of endless efforts and sacrifices, they are being greeted with the realities of life: nothing comes easy, not the studies, not the grades, not the employment.

Several generalist practitioners who are also fresh graduates have learned it the hard way working in private clinics. Some are working on a full-time basis, while others have opted for the part-time one. Many of them have complained of the meager salaries that they are offered. One of them has attested that she has been receiving a monthly salary of Rs 15 000 in spite of the fact that she works at the clinic for 6 six days per week.

Furthermore, it is increasingly difficult for young doctors to practise in private since patients prefer to seek the services of experienced ones. She claims that some clinic managers are well aware of the current problems and thus have no qualms in exploiting them.

Working part-time entails the same constraints. They are paid per session – when doctors are not available, the young graduates are recruited to work for a certain period of time, and they are paid Rs 1 500 per day.

Yet another doctor of 32 years of age has been registered as specialist since 2013 by the Medical Council but he is still having to work a generalist in a private clinic.

Upon learning about the current circumstances, the president of the Association of private clinics, Dr Dawood Oaris, stated that he is ready to meet the young doctors and to inform the executive members of the organisation. He also advised them to take time to negotiate their working conditions before being recruited.

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