Mauritius Sugar Industry Employees on A Peaceful March

Sugar industry employees as well as union members had organised a peaceful march taking from Bell-Village to the capital today (26.11.14).
The employees of the sugar industry together with the union members have taken to the streets today, 26th of November, to voice out their concerns pertaining to the pay rise. They started off with a peaceful march from Bell-Village to Port-Louis, to reach the Parliament and seat of the Mauritius Sugar Producers’ Association (MSPA).

They were equipped with speakers and banners, chanting lines “Ramgoolam ekout nou” and “Nou patiens ena limit!”.
strike 2

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Ashok Subron, the negotiator of the Joint Negotiating Panel (JNP) states that they will hold discussions with the MSPA today afternoon. If their demands are not met, they will extend the strike. The current situation started on the 19th of November.

While the opposing parties have agreed on a 13 % pay rise, the method of payment still remains obscure, constituting the bone of contention.

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