Mauritius Tomatoes Price To Increase By Rs 20 in December 2014

As the local expression goes, tomatoes find their way into a variety of sauces. Well, this will most likely prove to be costly in a month’s time.

The price of tomatoes is expected to increase by around Rs 20.

Currently, tomatoes are being sold at around Rs 10 – sometimes, reaching Rs 20 – per half-kilo. However, due to the environmental conditions that have preceded harvest, the price might go up till Rs 40.

A planter from Triolet, Prakash Dowlut, explained that the dry weather coupled with the lack of regular water supply have affected the plants. Irrigation grew to be difficult, given the situation. The repercussions on the market will be seen in around a month, as from the 20th of December. On the bright side, consumers still have a month to make the most of the current low prices.

Prakash Dowlut also forecast higher prices for cucumber and watermelon. Both of the food items need lots of water to flourish, and hence will also be affected adversely by lack of water.

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