Miss Honduras Murder: What Exactly Happened To Maria Alvarado

The current Miss Honduras, Maria Jose Alvarado, 19 and her older sister Sofia Trinidad Hernandez,23 both were executed and then buried in a makeshift grave outside Santa Barbra Honduras. Their remains were discovered by authorities on Wednesday after the guilt ridden gunman confessed to the double murder.

miss honduras killed

Maria Alvarado was crowned Miss Honduras in April and if the tragic chain of events had not occurred she would have flown to London to compete and possibly win the Miss World completion. But fate is said to be a cruel mistress and had chartered a more sinister route to world to fame for her and her sister.

Perhaps the ill-fated night outside the Honduran city of Santa Barbra,was doomed from the start. That Thursday night the sisters gathered at a local spa to celebrate the birthday of Sofia’s suitor, Plutarco Antonio Ruiz.

Sofia danced and lived that moment freely, unaware that she and her sister would never see the sunrise again. Everything seemed to be fine until Ruiz had glimpsed his dearest love dancing with another man. He was then so infuriated with an overwhelming mixture of jealousy and rage, he drew a gun and shot Hernandez, then as Miss Honduras attempted to run for her life, Ruiz turned the gun on the younger sister; pulled the trigger and shot her down.

Ruiz claimed that he and a friend named Aris Valentino Malonado, attempted to rush the sisters to a nearby hospital, but became nervous and buried the two near a river, hoping that the bodies would decompose swiftly, keeping the heinous act of passion secret forever.

Over the next week a massive search operation combed the surrounding are, but the only thing officials had discovered were dead ends.

Then on Wednesday, the guilt-ridden and distraught boyfriend turned him self over to authorities, claiming that he in fact was the one responsible for the murders.He then took the police on a trip that led only seven miles from the spa and presented the shallow grave sites residing  by a river and among the majestic mountains outside of Santa Barbra.

Ruiz confessed to the entire murder and implicated his friend Molonado for helping clean up the scene of the crime, destroy evidence, transport and bury the women.

For a week the world watched the headlines for closure. The case of the missing soon to be Miss World contestant and her sister touched many lives and now the world will know of the tragic circumstances that led up to their deaths.

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