mnic mu (Mauritius National Identity Card) Website Disappears

The website of the Mauritius National Identity Card project,  has disappeared since yesterday. After the report of DNS issues affecting the website, here we are with a “mysterious” disappearance which ironically follows the mass sales of all MNIC equipments at Ebene Tower 1 last week. Is it a coincidence or not?

mnic mu


  • Hi – I cannot find any information on applying for the NIC. The telephone number that I have obtained from Mauritius Telecom does not seem to be correct. Please help! Annick

  • Normally these equipments constitute Confidential especially the fingerprint readers !!
    As they are specific to the type and method and quality required for validation and authentication.

    Those who have given the approval or advice for the sales of these should be prosecuted.

    As the can be useful for re-authentication for lost ID cards in several Official and Government offices. So that individuals need not drive down to Port Louis for re-issue of a Card. Reason of traffic JAM towards the Capital for stupidities.

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