MRA Hitlist: Private Tuition Teachers Targeted

Several education officers who give private tuition have been called at the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA). Since the beginning of this year, more than 100 teachers have been interrogated. Many of them have even had to refund up to Rs 75 000. Ah, when teachers are reprimanded for mistakes! But, are these really mistakes?


While the MRA demands that the teachers who give private tuition are to pay their taxes, the Government Teachers Union (GTU) denounces what they consider to be “harassment”.

The president of the GTU, Vinod Seegum, stated that the MRA should review its stand. He affirmed on Radio Plus on the 6th of November that teachers having to pay back Rs 75 000 because of delays for the payment of “tuition tax” is harassment. He also questioned the MRA over whether they really know about the number of students the teachers actually have to be demanding such huge sums of money from them. He argued that many students do not even pay the tuition fees, adding that some students might also be the relatives of the teachers and hence do not pay.

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