Musician José Thérèse Cause of Death Revealed

José Thérèse, the owner of the studio Mo’Zar at Roche-Bois, was found dead in his house at Baie-du-Tombeau yesterday, 21st of November. The cause of death was determined after the performance of an autopsy on the corpse.


The 52-year-old man had been dead for three days when the corpse was discovered. The body had thus started decomposing. The bad smell emanating thereof caused his neighbors to inform the police. The latter had to break into his house through a window. They then discovered the body in an advanced stage of decomposition.

Next to his body was a glucometer. José Thérèse was, in fact, a diabetes patient. It is thus suspected that he might have died of a hypoglycaemia case.

An autopsy was performed by Dr Prem Chamane, a Police Medical Officer, who concluded that the man lost his life as a consequence of a pulmonary oedema.

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