Mysterious Giant Sinkholes Now Reach Russia – What’s Happening?

Since the past few months, we have been hearing a lot of sinkholes: huge chunks of the Earth being sucked into its midst. Recently, a huge sinkhole has been formed in Russia, near a mine in the Perm region.
Sinkhole, Russia

The world has been graced with yet another enormous sinkhole. A 20 by 30 meters depression has been formed near a Uralkali potash mine in Russia. The ground that got sucked into the Earth was itself an old abandoned mine. Bad enough. Just when you think that it will not get worse, guess what? It does get worse. Or, at least, it is suspected so. Experts say that another similar disaster might follow. If this does happen, the consequences will be of the ugliest, dragging a town of people into the Earth.

The sinkhole is situated within 2 miles from the main mine. It is not found in close proximity to residential areas, but, still, some experts are dreading to have another similar calamity.

The local people were not directly affected by the sinkhole. Miners that were present during the disaster managed to come out uninjured.

Meanwhile, geologists are trying to find an answer to the collapse of the piece of land. Some have suggested that the land might have been weakened by an earthquake that occurred 20 years ago.

The people living in the regions nearby are now living in fear, lest another such calamity occurs again.

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