Mystery of Light Flash in Russian Sky Solved By Dashcams

Dashcams can come in handy for more useful purposes than you would have thought. They are generally widely used in Russia for insurance integrity reasons, and for entertainment as well. Recently, they have been used to achieve yet another aim.

On the 14th of November, inhabitants living near the Sverdlovsk region observed a large orange burst of light in the sky. What was the cause behind the light show in the nearest heaven? Was it some heavenly body like asteroids and meteors? Or, was it just the result of an explosion? At first, it was thought that it might have come from military activities whereby explosives are disposed of. However, this was quickly denied by the authorities.

The cause of the orange light burst remained mysterious until a video was released that put things into perspective. The video had captured both the bright light in the sky, and a bright light on the ground. It was then deduced that the light might not have originated from the sky at all. It might have been coming from the ground and reflected by the clouds. Perhaps, more videos from dashcams will be made public to provide further insight, showing the light from other angles?

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