Naked Harvard Student Who Terrorized Boston Airport Is Charged With Attempted Murder

A completely nude student from the prestigious Harvard University went on a bizarre and terrifying rampage at a Boston Airport.

face biting nude guy

Cameron Shenk is 26-year-old resident of Boston Massachusetts who is currently studying economics at Harvard University. On Saturday, Shenk was reported to have stripped naked and climbed into a crawl space above the ceiling tiles of a woman’s bathroom at Logan International airport’s Terminal C, in Boston. He was discovered shortly after, at around noon on Saturday EST, after he had fallen through the ceiling tiles and plummeted to the floor beneath him. At that point, he arose from the public lavatory’s floor and burst out of the washroom nude and bleeding from the fall.

The man then proceeded to terrorize and frighten numerous spectators in his immediate vicinity.

The bizarre peep-show continued for several minutes until police officials arrived on the scene, in hopes to subdue the man. Instead of complying to the demands of the law enforcement officers, Shenk wildly lashed out at his audience, injuring a police officer and a 84-year-old bystander; who was only able to walk with the assistance of a cane.

During the awkward scuffle, it is reported that Shenk clung onto the elderly man, grabbed the mans cane and not only proceeded to strangle the victim, but at the same time began to bite the man’s head and face, resulting in a large portion of the 84-year-old’s ear to be bitten off.

After Shenk was neutralized as a threat, paramedics examined the two injured men. Although there has been no mention as to the extant of the police officers injury, the officer was noted to be treated at the scene of the crime and quickly released from medical supervision, the elderly man was taken to the hospital for his injuries, they are considered serious, but not life threatening.

Cameron Shenk was arrested and taken to jail until his court hearing that was held on Monday, November 24. At the hearing Shenk was charged with a long list of offences, that included attempted murder, mayhem, assault and battery of a person over 60, assault and battery of a police officer and lewd and lascivious conduct.

Shenk has not yet released a statement explaining the reasons for the nude attack at the Logan International airport, but the man’s father had been reported to have released an odd metaphorical statement that involved Snow White and a poisoned apple. The common consensus is that Shenk’s father was implying that his son had a problem with drug abuse.


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