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Ironically, North Korea Places Halt On New International Airport

In 2012 The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, not to be confused with the Republic of Korea, began construction of a supreme international airport, to replace the existing small, antiquated and shabby terminal; which does not properly exhibit to the world the supreme greatness that is North Korea.

north korea leader

North Korea’s current dear and supreme leader Kim Jung-Uh, believes that the new Terminal 2 international airport’s layout shares too much of a resemblance to an un-named foreign aero-transit terminal and has halted further construction. The new terminal lacks that certain soviet “je ne sais que” that is trending in the reclusive and isolated democratic people’s republic today. Traditionally soviet architecture uses modern drab themes of steel and concrete infused with brilliant images of propaganda to promote the states superiority over the majority of the world. Korea’s dear leader desires a facility that projects a radiant beam of “Juche” or the self-reliant philosophy that has made the people of North Korea world renowned.

It is unclear as to the reason that North Korea, a country seldom visited and notorious for human rights violations, would have the need to construct an international airport. Research shows that the solemn nation north of the strife ridden Korean militarized zone, does hold fantastic, spectacular and supreme tourist attractions that are a must see for any internationally minded tourist.

Are you a fan of beautifully choreographed, synchronized human art performances? Then watch the Arirang in the North Korean Capital city of Pyongyang, but don’t leave town after the performance, book you and your family a room at the luxurious 4 star Koryo hotel. Have an adventure, see historical sites, visit the world famous and supreme Golden Lane Bowling Alley, take the kids to the Munsu water park or find time for yourself to relax at the prestigious Pyongyang Golf club.

Think North Korea has nothing left to offer other than travel advisories, inhumane treatment of its people, the threat of arbitrary arrest and long-term detention? Guess again! Visit other major North Korean “Hot Spots”, like the concrete wall in Kaesong; a massive wall made out of concrete and propaganda. Visit the tomb of King Kongmin, or hit the slopes in Wonsan at the Masik Pass ski resort.

North Korea is a country that leaves the outside world mesmerized by its alleged atrocities to its own people and threats of impending world wide doom. Day after day they continue to release information infused with propaganda to the world press and perform logic defying actions.

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