Organised Robbery Gang Operating In Tamarin

A series of queer incidents have occurred in the village of Tamarin, namely car thefts, dog poisoning, and robbery cases that have been reported since the beginning of this month. The criminals have targeted the neighbourhoods Black Rock and La Preneuse.


The inhabitants of Tamarin have ever since been in a state of insecurity. They believe all this is the work of a well-organised gang of criminals. They will all meet up today afternoon to evaluate the current situation in an attempt to finding the right methods to ensure their protection. They already have their theories about the modus operandi of the gang: supposedly, they deal with any dog present first, and then get to work.

The police has confirmed that 4 cases of robbery have been recorded since the start of the month. The stolen items in all amount to around Rs 2 million. The criminals have laid their hands on computers, mobile phones, tablets, and household appliances.

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