Petrol Stations in Plaine Wilhems Closed Due To Lack of Fuel

The country is facing a severe lack of fuel – at least, the petrol stations in the region of Plaine Wilhems are having to deal with the ordeal; as a consequence, several of them were closed since Saturday, 1st of November.


Many drivers have had bad surprises during the weekend: they found out that several petrol stations were closed because the fuel cargo had not arrived on time.

The Red Eagle tanker that was supposed to carry the fuel cargo to the island has been delayed and will only arrive at the port of Mauritius on Monday 3rd of November late during the day.

The president of Petrol Retailers Association, Bhanoo Seegobin, has reassured the public on Radio Plus stating that other petrol stations have enough stock of fuel until Monday afternoon. However, many others have been compelled to close at 15:00 on Saturday because of the delayed cargo.

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