Plot to Blow Up A U.S Landmark Was Uncovered

Recently two men from Missouri were indicted on weapons charges and a plot to blow up the U.S landmark known as the St. Louis Arch.

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The two men, Brandon Orlando Baldwin and Olajuwon Ali Davis have been arrested after purchasing what they assumed was a pipe bomb from undercover agents. The two men were planning to use the bomb to demolish the historical Arch in St. Louis.

The arrest had occurred three days prior to the announcement of the Grand jury’s decision against indicting the Ferguson Police officer, Darren Wilson, for his role in the shooting death of Michael Brown.

The sinister plot also included the murder of two men. St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch and the Ferguson Missouri, chief of police Tom Jackson, were the two men that were targeted to be the murder victims in the attack.

Although officials are uncertain if the men possessed the capabilities to carry out their plan, evidence portrayed them as having the intent. Davis had been video recorded purchasing a replica of a pipe bomb from an undercover agent and both men were also involved with the misrepresentation of ownership for two .45 caliber pistols, when Davis was caught lying about who the pistols were purchased for.

The men had planned to purchase two additional bombs from the agent, but were denied due to his lack of funds. It was then agreed upon that Davis would return to purchase the other two bombs after his girlfriend’s bank account had sufficient funds to cover the transaction.

Davis who prefers to be called by the sir name Ali, was deemed to be the mastermind of the plot after he was identified in the video as the man who had purchased and arranged the deal for the explosives.

After investigating Davis’ past, officials had discovered he was regularly involved with the group of radical African-American cultural activists, the New Black Panther Party. It was also noted that  a month earlier he had presented a public speech that was geared toward the police shooting of Michael Brown, Davis has also been identified as the ‘Minister of Law’ for the Missouri chapter of the New Black Panthers.

The New Black Panthers have released a public statement that said they,”Do not teach, endorse or allow its members to commit acts of violence against anyone regardless of the circumstance, unless in imminent danger according to the rules of self-defence”.

No information has been released yet explaining if the men would have used all three bombs to demolish the land mark, although the men were reported to have said that they intended to plant at least one bomb on the observation platform of the St. Louis Arch.


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