Preventive Measures for Electoral Meetings: Tasers Seized by Policemen

Tasers, electric weapons considered to be illegal in Mauritius under the Firearms Act of 2006, have been seized by police officers. The items were being sold by street vendors in Port-Louis, and are being used by over-enthusiastic supporters during the electoral meetings.

Political candidates are busy proceeding with their respective electoral campaigns to gain their supporters among the public. These events are often marked by malicious activities perpetrated by over-zealous members of the public who seek to create disorder and disturbances. As a measure of precaution, with the aim to avoiding situations where people unwittingly react to their strong emotions and thereby end up hurting others, the Anti-Drug & Smuggling Unit (ADSU) has recently taken hold of a number of minor weapons being sold by hawkers on the streets of Mauritius.

Last Friday, the ADSU was informed of the sales of illegal devices at the Victoria bus stadium at Port-Louis. A team of police officers was therefore sent out to investigate. They came across a street vendor selling these weapons. The latter was then arrested. The investigation led to the discovery of several Heavy Duty Stun Guns. The police now has to look into the matter to find out the origin of these items. Such objects are considered to be illegal according to the Firearms Act of 2006.

Among the objects having been seized are tasers. A taser is an electric meant to give minor electric shocks. They are sold as electric torches or Police Baton by the vendors. These can easily be put to wrong use by people, such as those who wish to trigger mischief during electoral meetings. Therefore, clear guidelines have been issued by the officials of the Line Barracks to seize any such illegal item.

Such unpleasant incidents have already occurred. During a meeting of the PTr-MMM at Bon-Accueil, someone used a Taser to attack a supporter of the minister Anil Bachoo who no more features in the list of candidates. Yesterday itself, tear gas had been released at an Alliance Lepep meeting, resulting in the hospitalisation of two people.

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