Production of Litchis in Mauritius For 2014 Decreased

Summer fruit lovers, hear out! The expected amount of litchis to be produced this year is at 800 tonnes, according the director of Ocean Tropical Fruits Export Ltd (OTF), Vikram Hurdoyal. This is, however, nothing compared to last year’s data when 1500 tonnes of litchis were made to grow. 2014 sure is not a favourable year for litchis. Furthermore, the much-loved fruits have made it to the markets two weeks later, as compared to normal situations. Also, around 300 tonnes of the fruits will supposedly be exported.

Vikram Hurdoyal explained that the climate might have impacted on the production of the fruits. During the flowering season, an anticyclone had hit the country, blowing off the flowers. Furthermore, the dryness that comes with lack of adequate water has also affected the plants.

The price of the litchis will hence not be lowered in the coming weeks. 1kg of litchis is currently being sold between Rs 200 to Rs 300. One litchi costs around Rs 1.50.

Fortunately, the production of pineapples has not met with the same fate. Around 10 000 tonnes are expected, just like last year. around 2000 to 2600 tonnes of these will be exported. A pineapple will now cost around Rs 15, or Rs 20.

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  • Astere minister so bane officer pou prend tou problem met lot ” climate change ” et hop fini naryen pa japav fair .
    Nobody would do some fieldwork nor research to find solution .
    Pays la p roulet . La paiye p gagner.
    B tou korek

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