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Robin Williams Cause of Death & Toxicology Report Released

In early August the one of a kind, iconoclast, comedian Robin Williams was found dead in his home in California. The cause of his death was ruled to be performed by his own hand and the means of the suicide was due to asphyxiation from a belt wrapped around his neck. As protocol decrees, an autopsy was performed, but the report was not released until Friday.

robin williams

Robin Williams was born in 1951 and throughout the early 1970s he was viewed as a staple on the San Francisco stand-up comedy scene. He made several television appearances before landing his breakthrough roll on the situation comedy Mork and Mindy in 1978, where Robin Williams portrayed an “oddball” alien sent on a mission to observe the people of earth. His first starring role in a motion picture was in 1980 for the film adaptation of the cartoon Pop-Eye, afterwards Williams was cast in a slew of motion pictures that spanned the course of three decades. Over the length of his career he was awarded over a dozen times, one being the highly sought after academy award for best supporting actor, for his role in the film Good WIll Hunting.

On Friday the coroners office from Marin County, California, released the autopsy and toxicology reports as well as the reason for the hold on the public release of the reports.

The reports state that his death was self-inflicted by the means that officials had suspected. Lab results concluded that Williams had two separate anti-depressants and two caffeine compounds in his system. The medication in his system was not considered to be an illegal or harmful substance and although caffeine is commonly used around the world it is classified as a drug. The coroner ascertained from the toxicology report that Robin WIlliams was sober at the time of his death.

The examination of Williams’ body had showed that shortly before hanging himself, he had attempted to end his life by cutting his wrists with a pocket knife, which coincides with the police reports stating that they had found a knife with a red substance on it at the scene of the incident.

Along with finding the pocket knife it is reported that officials also had found an unopened bottle of the prescription drug Seroquel, a powerful mood stabilizing medication.

His wife Susan Scheieder, made public statements that Williams was not only fighting a battle with severe depression, but Parkinson’s Disease.




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