Rose Hill Transport Offering “Chef on the Bus” Service

Rose-Hill Transport Bus Services is well-known for its unprecedented innovations: it has, yet again, not disappointed with its new service. As from the 10th of November, it has launched a “Chef on the bus” service where passengers can now buy meal packages onboard the bus.


Those who have to hurry to get to work in the morning, without having had time to have breakfast, can now have their meals on RHT buses.

The Managing Director of RHT, Sidharth Sharma, affirmed that their new service constitutes a solution to the problems busy lifestyles bring, such as not having enough time to eat proper meals, or to prepare lunch for later. He also added that their decision to provide their customers with this facility was taken after they had received positive feedback from the latter via a survey they had carried out.

Two buses are currently providing this “chef on the bus” service: one of them leaves Rose-Hill at 7h20, and another at 7h40. Thereafter, throughout the day, they make the Rose-Hill-Port-Louis trips.

A breakfast package costs Rs 100, while the lunch one is at Rs 120. They can both be served on the bus. Also, they are prepared on the same day that they are sold.

The meals are kept in refrigerators that the buses have been specially equipped with. For breakfast, mini-pancakes are served with chocolate or jam. Mini-croissants are also made available. The lunch packages are of a wider variety: cheese or chicken sandwiches, “aloo faratha”, and quiche feature on the menu list. As for the drinks, the customers can opt between water and juices.

The meal list will be updated with time.

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  • What an utterly imbecilic idea! The buses; RHT ones not withstanding, are already congested and dirty! We had/have the issue of idiots who insist on playing their stupid music via speakers, now this!
    …this is just another cheap and desperate attempt to make money! Only a matter of time before complaints about rotten food being served makes the headlines!

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