SC & HSC Exams: 8 Cheaters Reported & Marked With A Zero

To cheat, or not to cheat, that is the question some students ask themselves before tackling exam questions. Mobile phones often come in handy when they do decide to go down the dangerous and slippery path. This year, 8 such cases have been detected, and, as a consequence, the students involved have been allocated “zero marks”.


Kids nowadays cannot get enough of their mobile phones, can they? They almost cannot live without their devices right beside with them. The situation has evolved into such a crisis that they lose their minds if their phones are not handy. Much of an excuse to bring the phones in examination rooms?

Several candidates of the School Certificate (SC) and Higher School Certificate (HSC) have been caught with their mobile phones in the examination rooms. One of the rules and regulations stipulates that this is not allowed under any circumstance. However, some students still bring them in the rooms. This year, 8 cases of such ‘malpractice’ have been reported. The unabiding candidates have faced dire consequences: they have each received a zero for the papers they were sitting for on the day that they were caught.

According to the director of Mauritius Examinations Syndicate (MES), Lucien Finette, one of the candidates even had two phones with him in the examination room. He also added that anti-cheating measures are taken every year to discourage students from doing so. For instance, the supervisers check all desks before the exams start in case the students have hidden any note in them. For multiple choice exam questions, the distance left between two tables is two meters. The number of invigilators has also increased, all with the aim of reducing cheating cases.

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