Serial Killer Charles Manson New Wife: 26 Year Old Afton Burton

When people talk about love they often say that everyone has their match; the convicted mass-murder, cult leader and failed musician Charles Manson has recently found his. On November 7, an attractive and young 26-year-old woman named Afton Burton who likes to be referred to as “Star” was permitted a marriage license to wed her beloved and deranged suitor. Could this be it for Manson? Has he finally settled down?

uncle chuck and star

Afton Burton, hailed from a small mid-western town in the heartland of the United States. She was raised as most mid-west families are, with several siblings, a mother and a father and a devout Baptist background. Her father Phil Burton, had stated publicly that as a young teenager she exhibited the free and easy philosophies of flower children; she enjoyed nature and professed a strong love for Jesus Christ. Her parents claimed to be completely clueless of their daughter’s relationship with Manson and was shocked when they had discovered that she was secretly receiving correspondences with the convicted killer through a friend.

At the age of 18,on her own accord she packed her bags and moved west to the state of California to be closer to the love of her life. Afton kept in close contact with Manson and started several web sites that were orientated to advocate the mass murder’s innocence. She continued the relationship with the incarcerated convict residing in Corcoran State prison for almost a decade before the mutual engagement to be married.

Charles Manson was thrown into the world as a bastard in November of 1934. During his youth and childhood Manson had many incidents with law enforcement, but came to notoriety and infamy in the late 1960s as a cult leader. On an old movie set outside Los Angeles, California, Manson gathered a commune of runaways and derelicts; there he began to preach a delusional apocalyptic sermon named after the Beatles song “Helter Skelter”. At his decree several of his followers or “The Family” committed numerous murders, the most famous being the murder of film director Roman Polanski’s wife, Sharon Tate.

As of yet no date has been set in stone for the wedding ceremony to be held behind the bars of Corcoran state prison in sunny California, it is noted that the pair have 90 days to fulfill the engagement or they will be forced to reapply for a new marriage licence. It is reported that the bride to be’s family will not be attending, but the prison is allowing up to 10 non-inmate guests to attend the ceremony.

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  • which confirms when a woman loves she would do any thing to be near the beloved one.

    But when a she does not like or do not love anymore she constitutes a real danger and should be forgotten, ignored or despise, this would be an extreme act of prudence or more of wisdom.

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