Skull Found In Building In Renovation In Curepipe

The morning of the 5th of November started off with a macabre discovery for a security guard of a building currently in renovation along Curepipe Road. The man stumbled across a human skull inside the building.


Whose skull is it and how did it get there? In order to find relevant answers to the mysterious case, the skull was sent to the laboratory for analysis purposes.

The police force of Curepipe has also opened an investigation to shed light on the circumstances that led to the skull landing in the building.

This is not the first time such remains have been discovered this year. Back in May, a skull and bones were spotted in an abandoned building in Moka. The remains were then analysed to reveal the identity of the person.

1 comment

  • BONES ?

    Are our forensic police force smart enough to Scientifically determine who is that person ?

    Where maybe not only a fingerprints database is required here but a DNA sample of all individual also.

    For now only GOD knows who is he or she.

    Confirming the stupid sayings of Pravind Jugnauth that he is against biometrics be kept in a database, without any founded justifications

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