Somalian Pirates Acquitted in Mauritius

Pirates are not something of fantasy – they actually do exist. Earlier this year, back in January, a group of Somalian pirates were apprehended by American armed troops. They were then brought to Mauritius whereby a court case was filed. Now, months later, they have been acquitted.


The twelve Somalian pirates who had been apprehended more than a year ago and later transferred to Mauritius to be judged in intermediary court have been acquitted on the 6th of November. They had been previously arrested by American armed forces in the ocean near Somalia on the 5th of January. They were then brought to Mauritius on the 25th of January.

The judgement was pronounced by magistrate Wendy Rangan who indicated that not enough concrete evidence was brought forth to prove that the 12 pirates are indeed guilty.

However, the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) has intended to lodge an appeal against the verdict.

Also, the lawfulness of the post-arrestation detention of the pirates was questioned by some.


  • The Police and the Judiciary system can’t even conclude Software piracy, intellectual property violation and Breach of Copyright and Trademark, violation of the Berne Convention Article 5 section 1,2 and 3 despite full and damning evidence.

    We have still a lot to learn from the Northern hemisphere intellect !!!

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