Violence In Mexico City Is Reaching Critical Mass

Thousands of Mexican citizens who are disillusioned by the indifference and corruption of their nation’s Government continue to gather in mass on the streets of the capital.  The ultra violent waves that are crashing down on the presidential palace are not predicted to subside any time soon.

mexican protesters

The Thursday night march organized by fellow classmates of the missing University students was expected to be the largest seen yet. Over the span of the previous week, organizers traveled across the country in hopes to unite smaller groups of protesters in separate cities; to be banned together under a common cause. They reached out to fellow picketers via twitter and other social media platforms, with slogans like:

“There will not be a mass grave big enough to shut us all up!”

The recent turmoil in Mexico City, is a knee jerk reaction due to the tragic events that unfolded earlier this year in September, after the disappearance of 43 missing University students, who were claimed to have been massacred and incinerated by a cooperative effort of corrupt law enforcement and organized crime.

The common consensus among the dissident masses rioting and marching in the streets is that the abuse and neglect they have incurred by the alleged, state sponsored lawlessness has reached critical mass. Although Mexico has seen many improvements from an economic stand point, the country is still plagued by government corruption and organized crime syndicates. Since 2006 over 100,000 people are dead or missing due to Mexico’s ever failing war on drugs.

In the most recent demonstration, an estimated 30 people have been arrested and 7 have been injured including 2 police officers.

The swarms of protesters have been noted to also utilize nonviolent forms of protest, such as marching and picketing, but they too are dispersed by the same means as their more violent counterparts.

Protesters have claimed that much of the violence was not due to their hand alone, but actually incited by police officials disguising themselves in ordinary street clothes and infiltrating the ranks of the opposing mob.

Effigies of President Enrique Pena Nieto are being burned while citizens chat the slogan “Urgent! Urgent for the President to resign!”. Riot police have been countering the social unrest with batons, riot shields, teargas and powerful blasts of water from fire hoses. As of yet there is no relief predicted from the mayhem that is running rampant on the nations streets until the people receive the justice they desire, be it through any means necessary.


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