Visa No More Required For Mauritians Travelling To India

The roots of many Mauritian social groups go all the way back to India. The two countries have, as a consequence, always had warm diplomatic relationships. It has now been decided that Mauritians travelling to India will not have their visas through the high commission of India: rather, the visas will be given to them directly.
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From now on, Mauritians travelling to India will not be in need of having their visas issued by the high commission of India, but the visas will be delivered to them directly on their arrival. This has allegedly been decided during the discussions between the Indian minister of foreign affairs, Sushma Swaraj, and the Mauritian Prime Minister, Navin Ramgoolam.

The Prime Minister announced yet another news: the card of the People of Indian Origin (PIO) whose validity was for 15 years is now no more restricted by a time limit; rather, it will be valid for the whole of the lifetime of the PIOs.

Sushma Swarah had also said in a statement that she was amazed at how the indentured labourers having landed in the country 180 years ago have contributed to its development and ultimate transformation. She went further saying that the bilateral ties between Mauritius and India are thus not only based on economic and commercial grounds, but also, and above all, on the blood relationship that exists between the two peoples.

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