Water Shortage Problem: Camp-Levieux Inhabitants Demonstrating on Streets

More and more Mauritians are denouncing the water shortage problem. The inhabitants of Camp-Levieux organised a demonstration yesterday night (23.11.14) to make their voices heard.
water shortage

The inhabitants of Camp-Levieux are having a severe shortage in water supply. They have running tap water for only a few hours per day.

A resident of the Begonia flats of the NHDC complained that they have water only at 2 a.m when everyone is fast asleep. She related that this situation has been going on for a month now.

The people living in the region then decided to take some actions: they took to the streets yesterday night, 23rd of November. More than 200 of them thus expressed their anger.

They even obstructed the main road with rocks and tyres.

The police was then summoned on the spot.

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