World Tour on Bike: Somen Debnath Now in Mauritius, the 95th Country on His Hit List

Somen Debnath is an Indian man of 31 years of age who has been travelling around the world on bike with the aim to sensitising people about the preventive measures to take to protect oneself from contracting the deadly HIV. He has been discovering new peoples in this way for 10 years now. The cycling adventure is expected to end by 2020. He is currently in Mauritius.

Somen D

Our island is the 95th country on his hit list. He was welcomed by a Mauritian family when he landed here.

He related that this journey of his began back in May 2004. From then on, the plan has been to visit 191 countries, covering a distance of 200 000 km; he has made 113 000 km by now. Each kilometer that he travels earns him one euro. He describes his endeavour as “travelling for charity, selling his kilometers to people“. The money thus generated will be invested into another dream project entailing the setting up of a “global village” which will provide a shelter to people in need and, at the same time, connecting them with nature.

What a wonderful way to travel: meeting different populations all having their own respective cultures and mind-sets, interacting with them, all of which constitute an enriching learning experience, and simultaneously raising awareness for a deadly health condition, to finally finance another project meant to help other people!

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