World’s Youngest Cocaine Mule 11 Year Old Colombian Girl in Critical Condition

On Wednesday an 11-year-old Colombian girl was taken to a hospital after complaining of sever abdominal cramps, then after being examined by doctors, she was found to have ingested over 100 packets of cocaine.


The girl, whose name has not been publicly released, is in critical condition and has not yet regained consciousness due to an overdose of cocaine; as a direct result from one of the capsules rupturing inside her stomach.

Officials state that on Wednesday, the child was reported to be complaining of sever pain in her abdominal region and was then rushed by both of her parents to a local hospital in the Colombian city of Cali. It was there that the doctors ran a series of tests and examinations which  led to the discovery of nearly half of a kilogram of cocaine packed in her stomach.

Police then searched the family’s home and discovered pass ports and the stub of a boarding pass registered to the child’s father; stating that the father had returned from Barcelona as recently as mid-October. Then after further investigation it was found that the girl and her father not only had flown to Barcelona in March, but were booked to board a plane bound for Barcelona the day she was rushed to the hospital.

Currently Colombian officials are searching for the father whose whereabouts are currently unknown. The man was last seen after he and his wife brought their child to the hospital for medical attention. He is reported to be the prime suspect in regards to the minors current predicament.

Every year thousands of men and women across the world are arrested for illegally trafficking cocaine, heroine, money and other contraband by ingestion or insertion into body cavities. Generally the person or ‘mule’ who is set to transport the illegal goods or substances will contain the contraband within a balloon or similar receptacle, then coat it with a lubricant and either ingest it or insert into a body cavity, male mules will often insert the smuggled goods anally.

She is currently believed to be the youngest child ever recorded to be used as a mule for drug trafficking.

Doctors estimate her release to be within 10 days and at that point she will be placed into protective care. If and when her mother is exonerated of all charges associated with the horrendous act she will then be placed back into her custody. Police are currently waiting for the child to regain  consciousness for further questions.



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