air asia crash

Air Asia Flight 850 at the Bottom of Ocean (Java Sea)

Search operations are currently being executed to locate the missing Air Asia Flight 8501. The officials have estimated that the plane might have crashed and reached the bottom of the ocean at Java Sea.

air asia crash

People from Southeast Asia have not yet got over the tragic events they went through earlier this year – with the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysian Flight 370 that has still not been found and the attack on a Flight 17 over Ukraine – and, another mishap has happened again. An Air Asia airplane having taken off from Surabaya, Indonesia flying towards Singapore went missing on Sunday, 28th of December, when it was about halfway from its destination.

Missing Air Asia Flight 8501 from Indonesia was carrying 162 people when it disappeared on Sunday, 28th of December. Most of the passengers and the crew members are Indonesians; the crew consisted of an Indonesian captain, a French co-pilot, 5 cabin crew members, and 155 passengers among whom there were 3 South Koreans, a Malaysian, a British, a Singaporean, with the rest being Indonesians. Today morning, search planes and ships have been looking into the Indonesian waters with the hope of finding any indication about the fate of the plane.

The plane might have been caught in storm clouds and crashed into the sea, according to reports. Henry Bambang Soelistyo, Indonesia search and rescue chief, stated that they have performed calculations to determine a possible region of the ocean where the plane could have crashed into, and the results showed that the plane might be at the bottom of the sea.

The search operation is being executed near Belitung island in Java Sea. The search groups consist of 12 navy ships, 5 planes, 3 helicopters, together with warships. Furthermore, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia are contributing in the search, and have already sent ships and planes to assist the Indonesian team. The visibility today is said to be much better than yesterday; it had rained heavily before thereby making it difficult to obtain clear views.

No distress call was issued from the airplane. The last time communication made between the pilots and air traffic control officers was at 6.13 a.m on Sunday; a pilot had asked to increase the altitude from 9 754 meters to 11 582 meters, probably because of the weather. The plane was last seen on radar at 6.16 a.m and disappeared within a minute.

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