Near Fatal Chlorine Gas Attack Disrupts Furry Convention

19 costume play fetish enthusiasts were reported to have become seriously ill, after an unknown group or person had attempted to murder an entire convention of ‘Furry’ life style enthusiasts. 


The incident had occurred on, Sunday, December 7th, at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare, in Rosemont, Illinois. The hotel and convention center was holding a scheduled get-together, named the 2014 MidWest Fur Fest, for the costume play sub-culture, known as ‘Furries’.

The source of the gas, that left the ‘Fur Fest’ goers seriously ill, was from chlorine powder that was mysteriously left in a 9th floor stairwell. Currently the investigators strongly believe that the occurrence was not un-intentional, but as a deliberate attack on the convention. As of yet no further clues or other details to the identity of the culprits who perpetrated the  attempted mass murder on the ‘Furry’ convention has been released.

In all 19 people were placed under immediate medical observation. All of the patients were then treated for the negative effects of the chlorine fumes, so far all, but one furry has yet to be released from medical supervision.

After the hotel and conference center was evacuated, authorities rushed the remaining portion, of able-bodied ‘Furries’, to a separate convention center across the street, that was coincidentally hosting a dog show.

The MidWest Fur Fest convention of 2014, was geared towards the ‘Furry’ community and was intended to allow its participants, to not only share the many spiritual and artistic aspects of their lifestyle, but most importantly, to have fun. During the celebration, that my have included costumed debauchery, the participants displayed homemade costumes as well as many other items that related to ‘Furry’ oriented, T.V shows, comic books, video games and movies.

The guests were allowed back into the hotel and conference center, only after the chemicals had been removed and the location properly uncontaminated. It is reported that the thousands of ‘Furries’ then engaged in numerous activities that included a large, group exercise session in the court-yard of the Hotel. Many of the Fur Fest attendants were reported to be residents from all over the world.

‘Furries’ are a sub-culture of people who have rejected main stream society, they collectively show a shared interest in fictional animals that posses human qualities. For example, a ‘Furry’ may dress in a costume that has the appearance of a cartoon like character. While the person is in character as their animal persona, they will engage the world around them; be it publicly or privately.


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