Calodyne-sur-Mer Hotel Determined To Keep Operating

The management team of Calodyne-sur-Mer hotel, Alliance Hotels Ltd, seems like not intending to give up their claim on the infrastructure in spite of the statements of the Tourism Authority (TA) and the Employees Welfare Fund (EWF), the latter two arguing that the hotel is being operated without permit.


At the beginning of this week, it was found out that the hotel was still validating bookings.

The contract between Alliance Hotels Ltd and EWF is supposed to have expired on the 31st of July 2014. However, the former maintains that they have contested EWF’s decision and have thus filed a court case which will resume on the 14th of January next year. They had also previously requested for the contract to be renewed. While waiting for the verdict, it states that it still holds the ownership of the hotel.

Last week, though, the TA had sent out a notice to the management. During the same time, Alliance Hotels Ltd had asked for the Provisional Closing Order to be reviewed.

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